Top 10 Money Saving Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Published on January 5th 2016


Ride your mountain bike and SAVE money. Here are our top tips. Click here to subscribe to GMBN: Cycling instead of driving or taking public transport will save you money. But, how can you save money while you're saving money? Just look after your bike. Mountain bike maintenance might be time-consuming, it might be the last thing on your mind after a cold ride, but, it will help to make your bike more enjoyable to ride the next time. If you want to keep your bike in good shape, make sure you do the ten essential tasks in this video. Watch some more great videos on GMBN: Our full playlist of MTB maintenance videos: GMBN's 10 essential mountain bike tools: Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: If you want to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link to help out 👍 :