Team News, Crazy Videos + A New Teaboy | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 45

Published on January 15th 2016


Viva España!! This week we have a new face, new pro deals, INSANE videos and some mighty fine hacks! Subscribe to GMBN And FINALLY you can buy our hoodies as well as T-shirts mugs and Ass Savers on our shop: This week we have loads of news for you on Brendan Fairclough, Steve Peat and Sam Blenkinsop. Meet our new teaboy Scott Laughland and of course we have all of the usuals. You can now submit your posts for 'Hack of the week' and 'Pin the trail' via Instagram using - #gmbnhackoftheweek and #gmbnpinthetrail Brendan Press Release Carson Storch Press Release - Sam Blenkisop to race EWS - Marcelo Gutierrez HeadCam - Danny Macaskill 'Cascadia' Behind the scenes - Steve Peat Video Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: