How To Set Up Your MTB Suspension - Suspension Setup Explained

Published on March 9th 2015


Here are our pro tips for getting your suspension setup dialled in. Have you subscribed to GMBN yet? Beyond all the technical jargon that you might hear about suspension, there are a few key things that you can get dialled in, whatever setup you're using. These basic guidelines for sag, rebound, and damping, will mean that you can tweak your setup to perform exactly as you want it to. Suspension setup is really a matter of personal preference so don't go out of your way to copy your mates - get out, ride, work out how YOU want your suspension to feel and set the basics up with the help of this video! What maintenance video do you want to see soon? Comment below and let us know. And, if you haven't already, click here to subscribe: Music: Reel People - Reel Time (Original Mix):