How To Set Up Your Mountain Bike For Winter

Published on November 6th 2018


Winter is here, so Neil takes a look at a few ways to prepare your bike for riding in the wet and muddy conditions. Winter riding can put a lot of strain on your bike and gear, and setting it up properly can make a big difference to how enjoyable your riding can be. Subscribe to GMBN: Get exclusive GMBN gear in the GMBN store! Mudguards are the first thing you should go for, but tyre choice can play a big part in wet weather riding. Grips are also a big factor, especially when it gets very cold. Neil gives a few tips of how to enjoy winter riding more. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 Watch more on GMBN... How To Winterise Your Bike - 📹 How To Descend Steeps - 📹 Submit your content here: Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: