How To Set MTB Tyre Pressure In 60 Seconds

Published on March 14th 2015


Getting your tyres pressure right is critical for mountain biking. Here are the basics in just under 60 seconds. Click here to subscribe to GMBN: Have you found your ideal tyre pressure? Let us know in the comments. Tyre pressure is super-important. You need the right combination of grip, puncture protection and shock absorption. It really is a balancing act. Run your tyres too soft, and you risk pinch puncturing and having you tubeless tyre 'burp' air. Too hard and the ride will be really unforgiving. How can you get your pressures right? Start with 30-40 psi and work from there - let a little bit out for more grip, if you find yourself puncturing regularly consider adding some air. Music: Pause - Have You Seen (Instrumental):