How To Ride Technical Climbs On Your Mountain Bike

Published on March 18th 2015


Riding a technical climb without dabbing your foot or needing to stop is seriously satisfying. Here are a few tips. Click here to subscribe to GMBN: Finding a technical climb to ride near your regular trails can break the monotony of fire road climbs and gives you a chance to work on another area of your riding. Smoothly riding a climb that was previously unrideable feels great and, the skills you gain will benefit your riding across the board. In this video, Simon Richardson runs through a few pointers on how to ride technical climbs. Work on things like your position on the bike and bunnyhopping, and, throw a bit of fitness work into the mix if you're going to be doing any sustained climbs. We've all got favourite descents, but have you got a favourite climb? Comment below and let us know.