How To Replace Gear Cables - Mountain Bike Maintenance

Published on September 14th 2015


Are your gears not shifting like they used to? It's time to replace your cables! Click here to subscribe to GCN: After pumping up your tyres, replacing cables is probably the 2nd most common maintenance job on your bike. Although it can be made a bit trickier with the advent of internal cable routing on some newer bikes, it requires just an allen key, a set of replacement cables and a good set of cable cutters to get the job done. Replace your inner cables any time they look rusty, worn or frayed. If it feels like the cables are coming up against a lot of friction and the inner cables are ok, then it might be time to replace the plastic outer housing too. Neil shows you how to do the complete job, however your bike happens to be set up. Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: