How To Lean Your Mountain Bike In Turns – Corner Like A Pro

Published on May 20th 2015


Get your lean on and fly through flat corners with these tips. Subscribe to GMBN: You've probably seen motor bikers leaning right over with their bike. It's tempting to attempt the same on your MTB, but, in reality, this is very difficult and very risky. How then, can you ride corners fasting by leaning but without crashing? Start by leaning just the bike. Find a grippy, consistent surface and get to work. As you build this skill up, move onto the trails and gradually build your confidence. Everyone has a weaker side, so work on that and try and even them out. Once you're leaning your bike like a pro, you'll probably have a good handle on the corners that suit leaning with the bike. Have a go at this one – predictable, grippy berms are your best bet. Extra footage courtesy of Trans Savoie and Josh Bryceland. Music: One Girl, One Boy - Making A Fool Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: