How To Fix A Broken Gear Cable - Get Home When Your Cable Snaps On A Ride | Trailside Maintenance

Published on March 16th 2015


Has your gear cable ever snapped during a ride? If not, it's good to be prepared, so here's a hack that will get you home without killing your legs. Click here to subscribe to GMBN: A broken gear cable (either front or rear) is, fortunately pretty rare. If you stay on top of your maintenance and make sure your cables are replaced at regular intervals, you should be fine. However, sometimes, it just happens without warning, leaving you with a choice between walking home or riding home in hardest gear, right? Wrong: we've got a fix for a broken rear gear cable that'll let you choose a rideable gear and get home, or even allow you to continue with your ride. If it's your front cable that snaps, you should be able to choose the chainring you want to ride in by adjusting the 'L' and 'H' screws.