Enduro Vs Cross Country - The Dirt Shed Show Ep. 1

Published on March 13th 2015


Episode 1 of the Dirt Shed Show is here! This week, Martyn Ashton and Rob Warner bring you the latest news from around the MTB world and put enduro and XC head to head. Click here to subscribe to GMBN... http://gmbn.eu/Subscribe We had an awesome response to our call for your MTB videos and photos after last week's preview show. Keep them coming! Tweet us (@gmbntweet), Rob (@robwarner970) and Martyn (@MartynAshton) with all your good stuff. Every week, Martyn and Rob are going to go head to head on some of the BIG issues in mountain biking. This week, it's enduro versus cross country. What do you reckon? Are you with Rob or Martyn? Comment below and let us know. We're featuring some of the best stuff that we've seen around the internet. Sam Pilgrim's Bangers Tour is happening very soon - be sure to head over to his channel and check out the videos as he drives around Europe: http://gmbn.eu/samsbangers Bernard Kerr did a bottle flip (?!) although he did waste a bit too much beer for Rob's liking. Follow Bernard on Instagram, you won't regret it: http://gmbn.eu/bkinsta That's about it. Thanks for watching, liking and sharing, and, be sure to keep tweeting us!