10 Mountain Bike New Year's Resolutions

Published on January 1st 2017


Here are ten New Year's Resolutions to push your mountain biking on in 2017. Thumb up like! Subscribe to GMBN: http://gmbn.eu/subscribe Get exclusive GMBN gear in the GMBN store! http://gmbn.eu/f7 1. Challenge Yourself Big jumps, big climbs, big descents. Pick something you want to do, build up to it and smash your goals. 2. Get Faster Head to your favourite mountain bike trails. Time yourself. Repeat. Get Faster. 3. Learn a new trick This doesn't have to be something huge. Get out on your mountain bike and just learn something new. Blake went for a backflip. You could start with a bunnyhop, wheelie, manual, something like that... 4. Clear a big gap You know it. It's the gap you never hit. Is 2017 the year? 5. Whip It. Whip It Real Good. This is Blake's favourite things ever. Challenge your mates to a whip off. #NeilCanWhip? #ScottCanWhip? #BlakeCanWhip? Hit us up in the comments and let us know. 6. Improve your fitness. Pretty much the most common New Year's Resolution out there. You're already riding your mountain bike, so make this one count with one of our training videos. 7. Ride in the snow. If you have some... 8. Ride in another country Heading to some of your dream trails from GMBN or a magazine shoot is one of the best ways to really fall in love with mountain biking and take your riding to that next level. 9. Ride a bike park Again, one of the absolute best ways to push your mountain bike skills on. Plus, great fun. 10. Build a trail or repair old ones We all need to give a bit back to our local riding scene. Find a dig day at your local trail centre. Watch more on GMBN... Our epic ride in Whistler 📹 http://gmbn.eu/f8 GMBN's Epic Killer workouts 📹 http://gmbn.eu/f9 Click here to buy GMBN T-shirts, hoodies and more: http://gmbn.eu/tHEGMBNShop